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“COMPURX INFOTECH PVT. LTD” company has been working for the Health Sector from last almost seventeen years with many world class & out of the box software & solutions to their credit.
“PRESCRIPTION PAD”: A prescription writing software which automatically checks for drug safety in cases of children, elderly, pregnancy, lactation as well as in liver disease, kidney disease & lung disease & thus ensure almost 100% safe drug delivery to the patient.

TABLET BASED TELE-CONSULTATION SOFTWARE: which is running successfully in Uttrakhand from last 4 yrs in 50 villages & has bagged National award in E-Governance in 2019 under the dynamic leadership of Ms. Sonika, then D.M. Tehri.
We are now proposing a self-operating ATM like machine CompuRx ATM (Auto Tele-Medicine Machine) for Tele-consultation in this COVID TIME which would be safe for the doctors as well as for the patient & surrounding population as long as COVID INFECTION is active in INDIA. Although our earlier Tele-consultation equipment can also be an excellent tool for Tele-consultation but it requires help of a trained professional to enter information, but this equipment can be operated like any ATM machine by the patient himself.

The machine CompuRx ATM (Auto Tele-Medicine Machine) has touch screen which display step by step instructions, assisted by speech in local language to facilitate understanding.
Patient for the first time has to register himself with his Mobile phone number, Aadhar card and a photo of the patient is taken automatically by the machine. Patient can upload all his reports, X-ray films or any other documents through the machine & enter his complaints.
After this he can initiate Video-consultation with the doctor by pressing a button & once the consultation is over he can get his printed prescription from the machine.
The whole consultation can be concluded in just 5 mts.

In this way any patient can get advice from an expert in a very secure way without the fear of infecting others & may be very useful for patients with mental & sexual problems who always avoid to visit doctors’ clinic because of privacy issue & social stigma.

Through this we can promote & educate public about various govt. schemes, health related issues through educational pamphlets which can continuously run as screen savers when no one is using it. It can be placed in a small 5 by 6 cubicle as a tele-consultation booth or on roadside in a niche as there is no risk of steeling it since it does not contain money like

Bank ATM. I am very hopeful that this can be very useful in Govt. setup to improve health services in remote areas.

As such no assistance is required to initiate Tele-consultation but an attendant can be kept for some time as security guard or to assist any person coming for Tele-consultation for the first time. Later on when whole population in the catchment area has been trained his services may not be required or one can replace him with CCTV if the authorities feel.
So far our approach to any eventuality or disaster is to handle it when it comes. Establishing this at this time would help us tremendously in managing & curtailing COVID pandemic as well as make us ready for any health catastrophes in future too which are bound to come considering the way the world is going.

Features of CompuRx Tele-Medicine ATM.

  • Quick and accurate screening. Complete consultation takes only 5 to 6 mts.
  • Low maintenance and running cost.
  • Standalone Tele-consultation tool which can be kept open 24 x 7
  • Voice assisted, touch screen unit with instructions in local language to operate can be very handy for the customer & easy to operate by even an unqualified person
  • Q-r code & face recognition technology make medical records of every person safe & secure
  • Live Audio/Video consultation with doctors.
  • Monitors vital signs such as height, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar etc.
  • Digital health record is automatically saved.
  • Scan, attach and send various documents to doctors at faraway places.
  • Printed prescription is generated by an attached Thermal Printer or doctor’s prescription can be sent by Email or Whatsapp to the patient’s mobile
  • Family health card with Q-r code can be generated which makes log-in easy & secure
  • You can get self-care instruction about your illness in your mobile through WhatsApp or in your e-mail
  • Complete “EMR” can be maintained on the cloud which can be shared by your doctor for second opinion from a specialist with your permission
  • No expensive or elaborate infrastructure is required. Can be placed in a small room allowing patient to have private consultation with the doctor.

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